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The hugely popular dance style called West Coast Swing is direct from the U.S.A - see why the U.S.A. loves it so much - it's the State Dance in California - it's a beautiful smooth & sexy partner dance that has a huge emphasis on musical interpretation! 

Classes are held:

We are in the process of trying to find another venue for our regular weekly classes and will post details once a venue is found! 

We also do have available a Beginner DVD via our online store - CLICK HERE to purchase our Beginners West Coast Swing DVD.

We also have a regular once a month dance party at Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Level 1, 207 Church St, Parramatta.  It's held on the first Saturday of every month and the next one is on Saturday, 1st July 2017. Starts at 7.30pm until late - $15 per person.  Your DJ's will be Ian Lee and Paul Barker.  The air conditioned room has a huge dance floor with lots of car parking -  water and soft drink are available.  BYO alcohol.  

Save the date for Best of the Best 2017 - full details are available on the Best of the Best website - CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE! 

Here's a clip of our 2012 West Coast Swing routine taught by Charles Gil & Janet Bradburn.

Dancing with the Stars

Charles has taught West Coast Swing for the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars in addition to appearing live on the show!

Charles & Michelle have taught 4 routines for the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars!

To read the full story click on the
Dancing with the Stars picture here!

To see Charles (one of the owners of Nuroc Dance Company) on Dancing with the Stars in 2009, watch the clip below!

When it started:

Nuroc Dance Company started teaching West Coast Swing in late 2005.

Nuroc Dance Company has brought several international West Coast Swing couples to Australia to train Charles & Michelle Gil, owners of Nuroc Dance Company and to conduct workshops for Australian West Coast Swing students.   

Several top couples have attended Australia for Nuroc including Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollmann, Benji Schwimmer (2006 Winner of So you Think you Can Dance USA), Kellese Key, Robert Cordoba, Deborah Sezekely, Tessa Cunningham, Myles Munroe, Patti Vo & Chuck Brown.

What is West Coast Swing:

West Coast Swing, the State Dance of California (USA) since 1989, is a form of swing dancing that evolved on the West Coast (in America ) in the early 1940s from the Lindy Hop and Jitterbug dances of the 1920s and 1930s. Unlike other forms of swing dancing with circular patterns, West Coast Swing is danced in a linear slot, allowing a large number of dancers to pack a dance floor.

The basic patterns (underarm pass, side pass, push break, whip, etc.) are 6 or 8 counts long, and there are hundreds of intermediate and advanced patterns and syncopations of various lengths, providing endless variety in an evening of dancing. West Coast Swing is a sophisticated, high-style evolution of the Lindy or Jitterbug which became popular during World War II.

West Coast Swing has a huge emphasis on connection between the partners as well as improvisation and personal interpretation to the music! IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SMOOTH & SEXY DANCE STYLE!

West Coast Swing is the perfect dance not only the experienced dancer looking for a new style, but also for any brand new dancer that has never danced before!

WCS will teach you essential techniques which can be applied to a range of other dance styles and will teach you some sexy and beautiful moves that can be applied to a range of other couple dances! West Coast Swing is phenomenally popular all over the USA, and is growing in popularity across Australia, because it can be danced to most Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, as well as most current Top 40 dance music.

Who created West Coast Swing?

Nobody knows for sure. Some claim the dance evolved by necessity in overcrowded California dance halls during World War II. Others credit Dean Collins (a legendary Lindy dancer who came to California in the late 1930s and choreographed most of the swing dancing performed in Hollywood movies during the next two decades) with creating slot patterns to keep dancers within camera range. Some give at least partial credit to Laure Haile, who developed the first syllabus of steps for the Arthur Murray Studios in the mid-1940s based on what she saw the street dancers doing. Whatever its origins, the dance was known as "Sophisticated Swing" or "Western Swing" until the 1950s, when the dance was renamed "West Coast Swing" as a parallel to "East Coast Swing" and to distinguish it from Country-Western dancing.

To see Charles & Michelle dance click play below!


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